Sierra Wools' goal is to provide quality products, made locally from sources in the northern California area. Many of our current wool products are from our Arizona flock of sheep either left as natural colored or hand-dyed with Gaywool dyes, a chemical dye with less environmental impact. 

Our online store with Etsy features some vintage commercial yarns but mostly handspun yarns, roving, wool pickers and other items we make ourselves, using quality wool and other materials
We also produce equipment that supports the production for cottage industry small business, similar to ourselves.  The section on the left menu bar "Cottage Industry Production" has lots of information on how to produce your own yarn.

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Christmas in July 20% off Sale begins July 15th through July 25th. All you need to do to take advantage if this is to sign up for our semi-monthly newsletter below and you will be given the discount code for this early holiday gift to you. If you've been waiting to purchase one of our items, here's a great reason for you to act now, and...Remember, its only 10 days, and our entire store, so be sure to act fast between July 15th and 25th!

If you've already signed up for our newsletter you can still take advantage of this opportunity by simply sending us a quick email requesting the code.

Check out our new section on the website for setting up your own cottage industry business processing wool, shown on the left menu bar on our website.  Here we are sharing techniques for wool processing, and make recommendations specifically for smaller wool producers.  This is also great information for those wanting to know more about the yarn products they purchase for knitting, weaving or other fiber art.

Check out our latest newsletter by signing up below for our email list.  By signing up you will also get the code for our Christmas in July 20% off Sale for entire store.  We have started semi-monthly emails, and will only send things of interest to knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and other fiber enthusiasts.  

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