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Starting a Cottage Industry small business

Sierra Wools is all about making yarn out of wool.  We started this business to sell our products, primarily using Etsy as a storefront.  This journey has led us to focus on processing our own fiber, and we are happy to share the lessons we have learned along the way.  Our primary customer is the hobbyist who wants to make usable products out of wool; and the true cottage industry small business.  

A "cottage industry" is a small-scale industry, where the creation of products and services is home-based, rather than factory-based. While products and services created by cottage industries are often unique and distinctive, given the fact that they are usually not mass-produced, producers in this sector often face numerous disadvantages when trying to compete with much larger factory-based companies.

If you have a skill at making things, namely yarn and products of fiber, you can start your own cottage industry small business today.  We have another website that can help with your startup planning and success.  Click here to go to a self paced online site that is free to help with your startup.

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