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Skein Winding Yarn

Skein Winding is the process of winding off yarn once it's spun onto a bobbin.  Skeins are how most yarn is sold, but winding into balls is also quite common.  Yarn also comes in cones, donuts, cakes and hanks.  What is a hank, cake, donut or cone?.  We prefer skeins that are consistent in size; with yardage being important to determining how much yarn is needed for a particular project.  Our skein winders measure out 2 yards per revolution, which makes measuring the yards for the end product a snap.  We also recommend using a scale for the end product to determine the weight.  

Check out our two skein winders by clicking on the product link on the left margin, and see a video demonstration by Barbara by clicking on the image below...

Video Demonstration of Skein Winder